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BMW/MINI (North Shore)




Social Media Design, Art Direction and Brand Identity.

North Shore BMW tasked Brand Neue with rejuvenating their social media presence for two distinct brands: BMW and MINI. The challenge was to inject freshness and creativity into their social media content while strictly adhering to the well-established brand guidelines and tone of voice for each brand. Our goal was to craft posts that would not only be consistent with each brand’s identity but also engage and resonate with their respective target demographics.

Our strategy was twofold. Firstly, we maintained a steady stream of weekly posts that were on-brand, ensuring a consistent and reliable presence on social media for both BMW and MINI. This regular posting schedule allowed us to keep the audience engaged and informed about the latest updates and offerings from each brand.

Secondly, we introduced creative celebration posts, designed to strike a chord with the specific target audience of each brand. These posts were carefully crafted to blend the festive spirit with the unique personality of each brand. For BMW, we focused on conveying a sense of luxury, performance, and innovation, while for MINI, we emphasized fun, uniqueness, and a sense of community.

Throughout the campaign, we paid close attention to ensuring that each post, whether standard or festive, was a true representation of the brand it represented. We leveraged visually appealing graphics, engaging copy, and strategic content planning to make sure that every post not only attracted the target audience but also left a lasting impression.

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