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Commercial Fishing


Logo Design and Brand Identity.

Brand Neue was asked to design two logos for Atomic Arrowz, a range of fishing rods with key features speed and accuracy. One logo was for apparel and the other alternative logo was for the fishing rod.

The design process began with us working through logo ideas that touched on speed and accuracy. We played around with different elements, starting with the obvious and then onto the more creative and subtle designs.

For the graphic element of the logo. Rounded, arrow-like shapes were used to create the sense of speed while the straight line looks like an arrow showcasing accuracy.

Scalability was a critical aspect of our design strategy. We made sure the logo's core elements made an impact whether scaled down for a fishing rod or enlarged for the back of a t-shirt.

A mixture of red, white and black was used in the two logo variations. These colours are apart of the Atomic brand guidelines.

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