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Medication Management


Website Design and Brand Identity.

Webstercare, recognizing the need to cater to their older demographic, brought Brand Neue on board to revamp their website. The primary issue with the previous site was its dated design and complex navigation, which posed difficulties for older users. Our objective was clear: overhaul the website to enhance usability, ensuring that vital information was easily accessible and the site navigation was intuitive for all, particularly the elderly.

Understanding the importance of independence for the older demographic, we approached the Webstercare website redesign with a user-centric mindset. Our team prioritized simplicity and clarity throughout the design process. We implemented large, prominent call-to-action buttons and incorporated easily recognizable icons to reduce the amount of text, making the site more navigable and less overwhelming.

The layout was structured to present essential information upfront, ensuring that users could find what they needed without external assistance. This design choice was not just about making the site user-friendly; it was about empowering Webstercare's clients, giving them the independence to access services and information on their own.

Adhering to Webstercare’s strict brand guidelines, we ensured that the new website design was not only functional but also aligned with the company's visual identity and values. Every design element was thoughtfully chosen and implemented to reflect Webstercare's commitment to their clients.

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