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Corporate Retail


Brand Identity and Document Design.

When Staples transitioned to Winc, a workplace support company operating in Australia supplying office essentials, furniture, safety equipment and IT solutions. It marked a significant rebranding phase, requiring careful management and communication. Brand Neue was tasked with a pivotal role in this transformation: designing the "Welcome Guide" booklet and other welcome documents. This booklet was crucial, as it not only introduced the new brand identity but also educated stakeholders about the rebrand and the operational aspects of Winc moving forward.

Our team at Brand Neue took on the challenge with a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. We started by thoroughly understanding the new Winc brand guidelines, ensuring that every element we created resonated with the brand’s new identity and vision.

The design process encompassed various components of the booklet, including layouts, covers, editorials, and graphics. Our focus was to make the booklet not just informative but also visually appealing and engaging. We crafted layouts that were clean and easy to navigate, ensuring that the information was accessible and clear. The cover design set the tone for the entire booklet, encapsulating the essence of the Winc brand in a visually striking manner.

The editorials and graphics were developed to align seamlessly with the new brand guidelines, ensuring consistency across all visual elements. Our design choices were aimed at making the transition from Staples to Winc smooth and understandable for all stakeholders.

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