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Brand identity, Logo design, Shopify website design & development, Copywriting & Photography.

Brand Neue crafted a cohesive brand identity for Skelotones Audio, focusing on simplicity and elegance. The logo, a mix of neatly spaced letters and a minimal geometric skull, adopted a classic black and white palette for a modern look. The packaging, featuring an icon-based design with minimal text, came in a high-end magnetic gift box, making the unboxing of the Adventure 1 earbuds memorable.

We also developed a comprehensive dynamic Shopify website, including front and back-end development and copywriting. The site's color scheme—black, white, and bright orange, with eye-catching call-to-action buttons—enhanced user experience and simplified the purchasing process.

Our role expanded to include social media design, user guides, quick start cards, and photography, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand presence across all platforms. The Skelotones brand identity, characterized by a clean and minimalistic style, stayed in tune with current design trends.

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