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Ray White


Real Estate


Report Design, Brand Identity and Publications.

Brand Neue was commissioned to design Ray White's quarterly update, a task that needed to adherence to their well-established and strict brand guidelines. The key objective was to create a publication that exuded confidence and professionalism, aligning with Ray White's esteemed reputation in the industry. This report needed to be more than just a collection of data and text; it had to be a visually appealing, easy-to-read, and informative piece that effectively communicated Ray White's quarterly achievements and insights.

To achieve this, we opted for a classic layout design that speaks volumes about Ray White’s professionalism and authoritative status in the market. The layout was meticulously structured to provide a clear and logical flow of information, ensuring that readers could easily navigate through the content.

We integrated a blend of imagery, icons, and text to create a balanced and engaging visual experience. The imagery was carefully selected to complement and enhance the textual content, adding a dynamic element to the report. Icons were used strategically, serving as visual cues that guide the reader through the publication, breaking up text-heavy sections and highlighting key data points.

Every element of the design was thoughtfully crafted to adhere to Ray White's brand guidelines, ensuring consistency in branding and messaging. The choice of fonts, color scheme, and graphic elements all aligned with the brand's identity, reinforcing Ray White's brand presence in every aspect of the publication.

The final product was a quarterly update that not only delivered crucial information in an accessible format but also reinforced Ray White's position as a leader in the industry. Our design succeeded in merging aesthetics with functionality, resulting in a publication that was both informative and visually engaging, resonating with Ray White’s target audience.

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