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Strength in Movement Physiotherapy




Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Logo Design and Signage Design.

Brand Neue was approached by Strength in Movement Physiotherapy to design their logo, studio signage, and decals. The owner’s vision was clear: they wanted a bold logo that incorporated an element of movement, expressing the core essence of their physiotherapy studio. Additionally, they had a preference for older-style text, adding a layer of complexity to the design brief. The logo needed to be versatile enough to make a strong impact on social media platforms as well as in a larger format for the studio's shop front.

We decided to blend modern design with a nod to the past. Our choice fell on a Bauhaus-inspired font, known for its smooth flow and timeless appeal. This font mirrored the fluidity and elegance of movement, aligning perfectly with the studio’s focus on physiotherapy.

To represent strength and movement, we crafted an 'S' graphic that was dynamic yet simple. This graphic not only captured the essence of strength and motion but also added a visually striking element to the logo. The combination of the Bauhaus font and the 'S' graphic encapsulated both the studio’s name and its core service - physiotherapy, which is all about the harmony of strength and movement.

In considering the logo’s application across various mediums, we ensured that the design maintained its impact in different sizes and contexts. The graphic was tailored to be effective and recognizable on social media platforms, where visuals need to be immediately impactful. Similarly, for the studio signage and shop front, we scaled up the logo without losing its clarity and visual appeal, making sure it captured the attention of passersby and accurately represented the studio's brand.

The final designs delivered a cohesive branding solution for Strength in Movement Physiotherapy, embodying their ethos and services in a visually compelling and versatile manner. The logo, signage, and decals not only met the client's expectations but also set a strong visual foundation for the studio’s brand identity.

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