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TRACKS magazine


Professional surfing


Publication Design, Graphic Design, Icon Design and Image Editing

Brand Neue designed a feature article for TRACKS magazine on professional surfer Michel Bourez. The article was called "The single minded spartan" and was about the rise of the Tahitian surfer on the Surfing World Tour.

We were given photos from professional photographers, copy from the interview and the instruction to come up with an graphic icon that represents Michel Bourez's personality and dominant run in the Surfing world tour.

We were instructed to choose the photos carefully as the photographers would get paid according to the size and placement of the photos.

We started with choosing the size and position of photos. We then used the remaining white space to lay out the copy to get our desired clean layout. Orange spot colour was added to the two double spreads as well as the fifth single page. This spot colour represents Michel's battle to the top of the World Tour.

The result was a clean five page feature showcasing some amazing photography, clean easy to follow copy and some experimental photo cropping to add a bit of an edge to the interview.

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